Chris and Mary-Jane Konings


The stuff you always need, ideas for games, ice-breakers, devotions, studies – compiled by Chris and Mary-Jane Konings.

Games: Fickle Feather
From the Hebentor’s resource

Lay a sheet flat on the floor. Have all the people kneel around all four sides of the sheet and then pick it up by the edges. They pull it taut and hold it under their chins. A feather is placed on the sheet and the players try to blow the feather away from their side.

Each side of the sheet is a team and if the feather touches one of the team members or gets blown over their heads, that team gets a point. The team with the fewest points is the winner.


Games: Contest of the Winds
From the Hebentor’s resource

Mark out a large sware on the floor. The square is divided into four equal parts, designated as North, East, South and West. Divide the group into four teams with the same names. Scatter feathers (or dried leaves or cotton balls) evenly in each quarter ofthe square.

At a given signal, the “winds begin to blow” and each team tries to blow (no hands allowed) the stuff out of their quarter and into another. Set a time limit and the team with the least stuff in their quarter wins.

The Post-it Note Exercise
Chris Konings

Resources: pads of Post-it notes, pens or felts
NB: try this one towards the end of the year when people know each other

Hand out pens and note pads to every member ofyour group. Invite them to write an encouraging compliment or something they value about members of the group e.g. great smile, always cheerful, enthusiastic, good listener etc. Ask your group to slap their notes onto their recipient’s back. Ensure everyone gets some notes. Leave some time for the group to explore the notes they have received. End with a prayer time, thanking God for the special people in your group.

Christmas Ideas
Chris and Mary-Jane Konings

1. A Birthday party for Jesus: Run a cool Christmas party for the kids in your church with hats, songs, party games, telling the Christmas story, presents for Jesus, food and a cake.

2. A Birthday service: Get your young people to prepare an item, a song, dance, a poem, whatever, that is their birthday present to Jesus. Get together and share your presents as an act of worship.

3. The Journey: Re-enact the journey to Bethlehem made by Mary and Joseph. Watch out for bandits and Roman soldiers on the way, sing travelling songs, tell stories about how Israel is waiting for the Messiah, find a place to camp, eat travelling fbod. At the end, get some angels to I announce the birth of Jesus and sing carols together.

Tissue paper confession/intercession
Susy Carryer

Provide a large bowl of water, felt pens, and a square oftissue paper for each person. Talk about the things that people want to let go of, have disappear from their lives, or from the world. Ask them to write these things with the felt pens on the tissue paper. When people have finished writing, submerge the squares in the water. The felt pen will disappear from the tissue into the water.