Duncan Macleod & Meredith MacKenzie

God, Sex and the Search for Lost Wonder

Mike Starkey, InterVarsity Press, 1996, 1998

I bought Mike Starkey’s book on the internet, on the strength of his connection of Generation X and sexuality.

Starkey, a journalist from north London, challenges his readers to rediscover a sense of astonishment in life and creation. He writes about the human longing to rediscover true intimacy with another human being, and the longing to uncover meaning that is larger than ourselves, a meaning that some call God.

I like Starkey’s first sentence on sex. ‘One of the paradoxes of our sex-obsessed culture is that we have achieved something our Puritan and Victorian forebears never even considered a possibility: we have made sex boring’.

Starkey exposes the loss of true friendship and intimacy behind our current obsession with sexual activity. Starkey helpfully provides some pointers for recovering a sense of the sacred and intimate in relationships, with a strong link to encounter with God. This is all grounded in a call to nurture and respect God’s creation around us.

This book is aimed at Generation X and younger. I’d lend it to my peers, and to young adults, single or married, or neither.

Duncan Macleod

I kissed dating goodbye

by Joshua Harris, Multnomah Publishers, 1998

I first heard of this book when a 17 year old friend raved about it during the inevitable relationships discussion at camp. That’s a pretty good recommendation!

This book was spurred by the author’s own dissatisfaction with the dating game and perpetual relationship cycle. Sure, we don’t have the dating culture of North America, but the challenges and illustrations ring true. Be warned – other young friends of mine have also been given this book, and never got past the first chapter, which they now freely admit was because they didn’t want anything to shatter the illusion that their current relationship was great.

If anyone is facing the why and how questions of ‘going out’, put this book in their hands, and keep talking to them!

The book is available on tape, and has a separate study guide.

Meredith MacKenzie, Scripture Union, Cambridge, New Zealand

Sex With Attitude

A book on sex and relationships for young people in Aotearoa New Zealand, stressing emotions and relationships.

The Sex with Attitude book and high school programme urges young people to see sex as the powerful and potentially marvellous thing it can be, reinforcing the link between actions and consequences.

Sex with Attitude presents the best option for young people as waiting until they are older, and in a committed relationship, before becoming sexually active. This is done in a way that is neither preachy nor judgmental.

If you’re interested in an Attitude programme in your secondary school or require copies of the booklets, contact:

Parenting with Confidence
PO Box 37708,
Parnell, Auckland,
Ph (09) 307 0025
Fax (09) 307 0065