Christian World Service appeals

Christian World Service appeals

Duncan Macleod & Gillian Southey

CWS Appeals

Soul Food focuses on the plight of those affected by famine in the Horn of Africa. Approximately 8 million people in Ethiopia, for example, are desperately in need of food, shelter and mecial care. Their plight is largely the result of droughts, which are occurring ever more frequently.

Christian World Service is taking part in the Ethiopia Appeal organised by ACT International (Action by Churches Together). Material on the following page gives some background on the Ethiopian situation.

July 23 has been named as Debt Decision Day by the Jubilee 2000 Movement, as this is the final day of the G8 meeting. Churches and communities are asked to pray for people impoverished by unjust debt. Resources are available from Christian World Service, PO Box 22652, Christchurch.

See page 8 in the July issue of Crosslink for further details.