Prayers from and for Africa

Prayers from and for Africa

Duncan Macleod & Gillian Southey

O God,
We pray for those places in the world
Made awful by climatic conditions;
Places of intense cold, and heat and drought,
Places of great hardship and privation,
Where man, woman and beast are constantly endangered
By the elements and environment.
We give thanks for all that sustains and helps them,
And pray that such may be multiplied
In the hands of Jesus Christ and those who serve in his name.

(From Botswana)
In A Procession of Prayers, by John Carden

Loving God, your hand is open wide to satisfy the needs of every living creature
Be present with us today as we listen to your word and to the words of those without enough to eat. 
So fill our hearts with compassion like your own
That we may faithfully serve you
By responding to the needs
Of those whom it would be easy
For us to forget. 

In this and every land, break down the barriers
Of ignorance, indifference and greed,
That the multitudes that hunger
May share your bounty.

(adapted from Church World Service, USA)

God is the most high, to whom none can attain,
But he became humble among us.
God is the untouchable fire:
But we saw him and felt him,
And ate and drank with him.

A proclamation of faith from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church