Soul Food – cuisine and movie

Soul Food – cuisine and movie

Duncan Macleod & Gillian Southey

Soul Food – The Cuisine

‘Soul Food’ refers to the recipes influenced by African culture, especially in the United States. See the back page for ideas on how to use African cuisine on Youth Sunday.

Soul Food – The Movie

Soul Food is the title of a movie produced by Fox 2000 Pictures, in 1997. It’s the story of how a ten-year-old boy, Ahmad, keeps his whole family together when Mama Joe goes into hospital. In his words�

“Mama Joe is the head of our family. She fixes a Soul Food feast every Sunday. Everyone comes to eat Mama Joe’s famous Collard Greens, Fried Chicken, Baked Yams, Mac n’ Cheese� Is your mouth watering yet? Biscuits, Gravy, Fishcakes�you get the idea�When Mama Joe went into the hospital, everything fell apart! My Mom Maxine, was fighting with her sisters, my uncles were getting into all kinds of trouble! So I was the one left to keep the whole family together. Mama Joes says: ‘You do what you have to�to stay strong, to save the family.’ She ought to know�”

You could use the movie or parts of it to explore the importance of cooking and eating together to the human family. You could reflect on the way a young person was able to develop relationships with his elders that made a difference to the whole family. The video is available for hire at many video stores.