Soul Food Recipes

Soul Food Recipes

Duncan Macleod & Gillian Southey



Food brings us together and food may also set us apart. Each culture has its traditions: the foods associated with certain holy days, ceremonies, and family occasions. When we see or smell or taste a dish that is new to us it opens up a vast, rich tradition to our senses. We can teach ourselves about people and the places they come from, the lives they live, by sharing these and other aspects of their lives that make them different from us (and similar to us at the same time).

On the Soul Food brochure we’ve gathered a few Ethiopian recipes to share with young and old together. Below we’ve put the sites where found t hose recipes – you’ll find foods from many other African cultures as well. You may want to include your own classic Sunday dinner recipes alongside these!

African Foods

Ethnic Food by Your – African cuisine & culture

While you’re on the net, check out The Hunger Site, a place where you can contribute to alleviating world hunger.