Stone Soup – What Can I do?

Stone Soup – What Can I do?

Duncan Macleod & Gillian Southey

Read the story, Stone Soup, a French folk story of sharing food so everybody has enough to eat in a time of famine. Various versions are available in public libraries or bookstores.You could invite young people to act out their own version of the story.

What gifts can I share?

Retell the story of the feeding of the five thousand in your own words, emphasising that when everybody shared there was enough to eat.

Describe in your own words the situation in Ethiopia. You could use maps, photographs, Overhead transparencies. See the CWS page for images.

Invite people to think for a moment about their part:

“What could you do to help? Is there something you can share, in the same way Jesus shared food with five thousand people?” Make a list of actions, and follow through with an agreed plan.