Feeding the Soul

Feeding the Soul

Trisha Watts

Trisha Watts explores an approach to spirituality that has sustained her. Trisha is based in Sydney, Australia, a professional singer, performer & songwriter. A graduate of Sydney Conservatorium of Music, she is a music teacher with 18 years in the music industry. Trisha is currently Director of Willow Connection Publishing and has seven recorded albums, includingProphets of Hope - Songs For Youth. She is a familiar face at workshops, conferences, retreats and festivals around Australia.

What feeds me is also what frees me.

To explore what feeds my spirit and soul I need to ask ‘what frees me to
love’? I think that when one is nourished, one is able to expand into
loving more.As I reflect on what has nourished my spirit over the years there are
several elements that keep re-occurring.

1) SPACE – Space to be me in, to get lost in, to think and wonder in. I
grew up on a farm surrounded by large expanses of paddocks and wheat fields.
Looking out in to the horizon to gaze and contemplate my life gave me space
to choose and discern which paths to take.

2) SOLITUDE – This is the next step from aloneness. To be able to be with
oneself and God. The art of self acceptance and self-compassion. To allow
space for God to love me, through stopping and resting, breathing and
absorbing life right where I am.

3) SIMPLICITY – Live simply so others can simply live. Practising the art
of life as a gift not to be possessed but to be cherished.

4) LIVING THE NOW – Loving and living the moment – not waiting til tomorrow
for life to get better or getting stuck in the past but practising being
alive in the moment. Seeing God in the present.

5) INTIMACY – The art of being seen, being heard, being touched and being
cared for by and with another. True friendships are precious gems. When we
witness each others vulnerability and strength we feel acknowledged,
accepted and loved just as we are.

6) CREATIVITY – To let my life be a creative act. When I create I play, I
fool around, I explore and discover new ways of being in the world. This
allows my spirit to re-generate and re-create.

7) SENSATE – This is the physical stuff that feeds my soul. Feeling the
water on my skin when I swim, the sun on my back when I walk, the shade of a
tree to rest under. Letting my body and imagination engage with life and
fell it’s encounter totally.

8) FAMILY & COMMUNITY – These go together for me. To know that I belong
somewhere, that I am part of a cultural tribe and faith tribe who carry the
stories and values of my ancestors, helps me to feel connected to humanity.
My identity and ability to communicate are nurtured here.

9) HOSPITALITY – Opening one’s heart and home to those around us in need. To be a genuine host by practising inclusively and service and sharing simply
what I have.

10) MENTORS – To call in the hearted or minded people who inspire and share
a bigger picture and vision. I find inspiration in the life of Christ, in
the Saints : Francis, Hilda, in the writings of Hildergard and Mister
Eckhart. ‘Clowning in Rome’ and ‘Reaching Out’ by Henri Nowen and ‘Original
Blessings’ by Matthew Fox have been great companions.

So What nourishes your spirit?