Duncan Macleod

The nineteen eighties and nineties have been a time of rebuilding.

Resources have been poured back into the youth area, with national and regional staff appointed in several denominations. Recognising the difficulty of keeping a youth movement going, networking has focused more on those working with youth.

This time has been one of partnership. Difficult lessons have been learned about recognising ethnic variety, expressed in bi-cultural and multi-cultural partnerships. As barriers between churches have come down, leaders have become interdependent�- cooperating as partners without merging.

The formation of Churches Youth Ministry Association (CYMA) had its origin in this climate, with training and formation events like the October Event, YME (Youth Ministry Event), and the Big E (a professional forum on youth ministry). Theological and ideological differences have at times threatened such partnership, but thankfully common ground is found in ventures such as the Diploma in Youth Ministry and publications such as this magazine.