Soul Tsunami: Sink or Swim in New Millennium Culture

By Leonard Sweet, Zondervan, 1999
Available from your local Christian book store, or from Amazon.
Reviewed by Duncan Macleod and Howard Carter

Feeling overwhelmed by the wave of change of postmodernism, techno-culture and pluralism? Read Sweet’s book and you’ll get the picture of where its going to be at over the next few years.

Howard Carter, lay assistant at St John’s Presbyterian, Rotorua doesn’t usually read a lot of books. But this one sparked something off.

“It’s not a sit-down-and-read-from-cover-to-cover book. You look at it from time to time, taking in more and more ideas. I liked Sweet’s picture of postmodernism, ‘being at sea without landmarks’. He uses global trends to help the church work out its strategies. We used his idea of philosophy caf≥ here in Rotorua, and it worked. Who would have thought that people would turn up for a night looking at truth?”

Sweet’s word pictures stimulate new ways of understanding the world around us. He talks about being chaordic (chaos and order), glocal (global and local), and EPIC (experiential, participatory, interactive and communal).

Each chapter finishes with ideas for discussion in small groups, as well as hints for action.


By Mike Riddell, Lion, 1997
Reviewed by Duncan Macleod
Available for $24.95 from your local book store, or from Amazon.

A bit like Chicken Soup for the Gen X Soul from a New Zealand author, Mike Riddell. You can pick this book up on any page and enjoy the fresh, witty and helpful approach to spirituality. The bottom third of each page follows the thread of a short story. The story is earthy ∆ a natural exploration of the lives of young people who are searching for meaning in life.

The top of each page features what we could call subversive one-liners, images and thoughts, Biblical passages in postmodern language.

Mike calls this a scrapbook of the psyche, a subway of the heart, an entertainment guide for the comos. I’d say he’s right.

Journeying Together: Stories from the Life of Jesus

Edited by Bruce Mullan.

A set of Bible studies designed to get people of all ages talking about their life experiences in relation to the life of Jesus.

The book was born in the National Christian Youth Convention in Tasmania in 1997 when hundreds of young people sat down with ‘legends’, local Tassie Christians, to hear their stories.