The Dream

The Good News of Jesus Christ is the same the world over. Yet in each country and culture the challenge is to make this gospel message known in the local context.

In the early 90′s a dream emerged amongst Christian youth workers in New Zealand for the provision of quality Youth Ministry training that would be accessible across the Christian denominations. Representatives from the Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian and Salvation Army Churches gathered in 1993 to shape the vision for an ecumenical Youthworker Training Qualification.

The dream became a reality and in 1994 the Diploma in Youth Ministry Development Board was established, bringing together people from the Anglican, Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches. Working under the auspices of the Churches Youth Ministry Association (CYMA), the Diploma Board sought the expertise of a diverse group of experienced ministry practitioners to assist in developing the study modules for the Diploma in Youth Ministry.

These modules were subsequently offered as correspondence studies until 2002. CYMA has put together this CD offering all the modules produced for the Diploma in Youth Ministry. We make it available to you free of charge to use for youth ministry training in your setting. We hope that you find this a valuable training tool.

Wishing you God�s blessing in your ministry.

The CYMA Team